Kookaburra Kidswear is an Australian brand, founded by Brazilian mother of two, Josimara Hoffmann, in the beachside paradise of Kingscliff, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

We make unique and hand crafted clothing that embody the fun and celebration of the Brazilian + Australian spirit, for little people who love big adventures.

Our dream is that our clothes made with love, are packed in your suitcase and travel with your family as you create special memories.


We all have memories of our favourite outfit we wore as a child. For me, it was a pink crocheted dress, made by my mother, worn to my first birthday celebrations in my home in Brazil.

This dress, which still hangs in my mother’s wardrobe on the other side of the world, was my inspiration for developing a crafted collection of children’s clothing designed to become the pieces my own children would remember well into adulthood.

I grew up surrounded by my family’s love for crochet and strong affinity for handmade, realised the importance of sustainability when I had my own daughters. Instead of spending time and money buying disposable fashion that would wear out after a few family outings to the beach, I wanted to dress my daughters in handmade, unique pieces that would last, and make my daughters feel special whenever they wore them.

Not only will your children adore the unique, comfortable and colourful designs, but they will become treasured pieces kept for generations – just like my pink crochet party dress. My daughters have tried and tested the designs, and now your children can do the same.

I hope you love the beautiful clothing crafted by Kookaburra Kidswear as much as my children do.